A Twinkle Star

by Nana

I am a nurse. It was my dream from high school.

When I was a high school student, I met a girl, named Miho. We hit it off immediately. I hung out with her every day.

"Good morning, Miho."

"Good morning. I'm so sleepy, because I went to bed at 2 o'clock."

Today, we had a first mid-term exam. I studied for the exam hard, but Miho was really clever. When the exams were nearing, she taught me every subject, so I always respected her.

We always got together and laughed and told each other about everything like school, class, love stories, even though it was small talk.

During the summer vacation, we met almost every day, and went shopping, to karaoke, and stayed up all night.

In the middle of the second term, there was a chorus contest at the high school, and Miho was named accompanist by the music teacher. She was good at playing the piano, because she'd taken piano lessons since she was a child. So she really enjoyed accompanying her classmates, and I also enjoyed singing. On the day of that event, we sang the best our chorus had ever sung, and we got first prize. It was a really great time for me and for Miho, too. I think. We had a great time in the first year.

Unfortunately, we had separate classes the next year. I was really sad, because I'm not good at making friends. I'm not outgoing. I'm shy, so I couldn't talk with new classmates very easily. I wanted to go back to first year, but I couldn't do this, so I tried to make new friends. On the other hand, Miho already made new friends, because she was outgoing and very popular with her friends. When we met in the corridor, we greeted each other and talked for a short time.

As time went by, however, we didn't contact each other. I had new friends, so I hung out with them. Sometimes when we met in the corridor, we only said hello. I think we were junior high school students, so it was about that time when out characters changed. We never kept in touch after that. I didn't think anything about it. After the summer vacation, I noticed I didn't see Miho at school. I heard that Miho's classmates didn't know anything, but Miho came to school sometimes. I sent e-mail to her.

The mail said,
"Long time no see. What's up? Do you have any problems? I want to talk with you as if we were first year students."

But she didn't answer my e-mail. After a few weeks, she sent me e-mail. I was surprised and remembered replying.

The mail said,
"Yeah, I haven't seen you for a long time, either. I was really missing you. I got sick, so I couldn't go to school, but I'm OK. If I go to school, I want to talk with you, too. See ya!"

When I received the e-mail, the mail eased my mind. I was really looking forward to talking with Miho whenever we met.

I waited at school every day, and I often sent e-mail to Miho. But she only answered once in twice or once in 3 times. I thought it was strange. She had never told a lie to someone, so I visited Miho's house.

When I pushed the Entry phone, her mother appeared at the front door.

"Hi, I was commuting to the same high school as Miho. I was wondering about Miho. What happened to her?"

Her mother looked confused, I noticed immediately.

"Thank you so much for coming. Please come in."

She opened the door and let me into the house. After she prepared the tea for me, she went upstairs to Miho's room. While I was waiting in the living room, I saw the pictures of Miho's family. She was a only child, so they looked like they were having fun. I was jealous of her, but it was really heartwarming.

When her mother came back to the living room, Miho also came down in her nightclothes, and she had put on a knit hat. I was really surprised, because she was only skin and bones. I couldn't say anything.

Her mother moved to the kitchen and prepared dinner. After a while, Miho started to talk to me, smiling.

"Long time no seeing you. How's your school life? Is it fun for you?"

I only nodded, and she continued.

"Thank you for your e-mail. I have to say my situation only for you. I don't want to talk to my friends in the school, because I do believe you from the bottom of my heart. So I start my situation."

"O.k., I'll listen to you story with care", I said.

"I have a bad cancer which is a hopeless illness, so I can't live so long. Because of this, I can't go out freely. I'm so sorry that you had enough to worry about me. Thank you so much."

She explained her cancer.

During summer vacation, she fell down suddenly, so she was rushed to a nearby hospital. She underwent a thorough health examination. After a health examination, she found her cancer.

When I heard it, I couldn't understand what she said and couldn't say anything but I took it seriously. I tried to say the word.

"I, I, I..............
I can't put my feelings in order, I'm sorry. But I do keep a secret!!!!! I promise."

"Thank you so much," Miho said.

After that, I got home and thought about her disease and researched.
After meeting her, I had never told anyone, but I couldn't visit her for several days.

A few weeks later, I heard Miho's mother that she had to enter the hospital for treatment, so I decided one thing that I go to the hospital every day.

From next day, I commute to the hospital after school and talked about my present condition like school life, lessons, my family members and so on.

At first, Miho was really confused because she didn't think that I would visit her anymore. And sometimes I couldn't meet her because of her condition. She often had a fit of coughing and had a fever. If I couldn't meet her, I wrote a letter and left the hospital.

On November 16th, Miho became 17 years old. Before her birthday, I planed a little surprise party with nurses and patients. I made a lot of decorations with origami and drawing paper by myself. On that day, I decorated a conference room with nurse and bought a birthday cake and present. When Miho entered the room with her mother, we had cracker and sang a birthday song. She was very surprised and began to cry with smile. We ate cake and chatted a lot and gave her a hat, we had a wonderful time.

From next day, Miho's condition got worse and worse. I couldn't meet her for a long time, so my letters were piled up.

On December 1st, when I went to the hospital after school, I could talk with Miho miraculously. I talked about my present condition like before and Miho listened to my story with smile. Suddenly, Miho closed her eyes, so Miho's mother called her name, but she couldn't answer.

In the room, there was a doctor and some nurses in a hurry, but it was too late.

Miho went to heaven.

Her face looked like really happy, because her face was smiling.

I couldn't believe this and couldn't move from the room and couldn't say something and couldn't cry. I could only star at her.

After a few minutes, I began to cry with Miho's mother.

It was first time to lose my best friend for me and a turbulent day.

I attended a wake and funeral.

After the funeral, Miho's mother gave me a note that Miho's diary.

I read this immediately. This diary was for me.

It started,

"Thank you so much, dear. If you read this diary, I couldn't live with you. I'm so sorry that you felt sad. I really enjoyed conversations and your letters. I have never forgotten my life with you. I did appreciate that thank you so much to meet me and make friend and keep in touch with me. I thought it was good for me to talk to you."

Then she wrote short summary and her feelings every day. I read this with crying and smile.

I was pretty happy, excited, and fun!!!

She rounded off this word.

"Thank you so much, my best friend.

I become a twinkle star and keep an eye on you.

I love you.           November 27th, 2005."

When I finished reading this diary, I was lost in thoughts. I was thinking about great memories with Miho. It was long time for me to thing about that.

After this memory, I decided to be a nurse to care patients like Miho.

And My dream had come true.

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