Sad truth

by Anonymous

One very hot summer day, terrible remains were found. It was a mysterious situation so someone called to solve this mystery.
"Here is the body, Dr Nancy."
"Thank you, sir. Now, it is my business." said Nancy.
"Hey. Nancy!! What's up?"
"Good morning, Mark. We have to work hard today. There was a very strange body found in the basement. It was in a cage but it was human, certainly not an animal. The building is a dance club. Every night, there are many young people here and they are drinking, dancing, and drugs. It is a crazy place here all night."
"OK. We are going to go back lab to investigate this remain. It is time to work."
"Of course, and you start with in legwork, Mark."
"Yeah, that is my part."

In the lab, Nancy started to investigate the strange body. This was her daily job. She looked at a lot of body everyday and tried to solve the problems. Her job was tiny but the effects were huge.

"According to the DNA consultation, this was a woman, 20 to 25 years old. But these remains are strange," Nancy said.
"What do you mean? She was killed by someone, or something?"
"Yes, she was killed, it was not suicide. But this is not matter. The problem is her skull."
"What about it?"
"Her skull is like that of an old woman. She is 70 years old."
"But you said she was 20 to 25 years old."
"Yes, I did. However, from the skull condition, she is an old woman. Look at this picture. This face is reconstructed from her skull."
"Dear! She is old lady. What happen to her?"
"Her name is Kate. I don't know what happen to her. We have to keep on investigation."
"That is right. My job is interrogation to her family." "I will go together."
"I think it will be interesting, isn't it?"
"Oh, you are so imprudent, Mark. I report our boss later."
"Sorry, I am just kidding."
"OK. Let's go."

In the car, they talk about the strange body and skull. Nancy said seriously, "How do you think what happen to her?"
"You mean Kate? Hum…I am not sure but I heard before there is a kind of illness. That name is Progeria. The patients grow 10 times faster than normal people. It means their lifetime is one tenth. This is so tough." Mark said sadly.
"There is strong possibility, she was Progeria. Her family must be hard to live together too. How many families did she have?"
"She just have mother. Her mother divorced when she was young and she had no brother and sister. So she lived with only her mother."
"That is too bad."
Finally they reached a house.

"Hello, Mrs. Parker. My name is Mark. I am government man from FBI. She is a Nancy. She is a scientist especially bones." Mark greeted.
"Hello. My name is Elle. I am Kate's mother. Thank you for coming." Elle looks tried.
"Right away, we have some question for you. This is important to solve this incident so we need your help, alright?"
"Of course, I know. I will do everything possible."
"Good! Then first, please tell us what is she?"
"Yes. She was good girl. She was bright, talkative, and obedient. She likes painting so she painted so many pictures and gave me as a present. But….." she stared to cry.
"But she was Progeria."
"Right, she was a Progeria. It is a kind of desperate illness but she tried to live bright. Her looks was like an old woman but her heart was young lady. Why was she killed? She had no reason to be killed!!"
"I know your feeling but now we have to solve this murder as soon as possible. When did she disappear?"
During Mark asking questions to Elle, Nancy looks around her room. There are so many pictures on the wall. All of them are painted stars. These are very beautiful but very easy. In addition, she found some strange bottles looks like medicine. She can understand what these bottles are soon so she told Mark secretly to ask to her about these bottles.
"Three days ago she found in the building. She can't go out by herself so I told police soon."
"Secondly, have you ever been to the building where Kate was founded?" Mark keeps going to ask question.
"Yes, I have. When I was teen, I was little wrong… My parents were not in good with each other so I went wrong. Just romping with my friend was my healing. We went to night club and dancing, drinking, drugs and sex. This was my dairy life. That club was my haunt."
"Do you addict to drug yet?"
"No no!! I gave up. I am fine now."
"But sometime you want drug or you get."
"NO!! Trust me! I gave up drugs completely."
"OK. Then this is last question today. Have you met your husband recently or do you have a steady boyfriend?"
"No, I haven't. My previous husband lives Canada now so I don't meet him for a long time. Of course he doesn't have a relation with this murder. In addition, I don't have boyfriend because I have HIV. Do you understand? It was stupid question, isn't it?" she is little bit angry.
"Alright. Mrs. Parker. Let's call it a day. One week later we will visit you again. Is it possible?"
"Yes, of course. Thank you."

In return road, Nancy starts to yell to Mark.
"Why did you stop to ask about these bottles?"
"OK OK!! It was my fault. But what is important about them? These are just medicine bottles. Everyone has a bottle like them. It is not strange!"
"Oh no! Listen! Those bottles are medicine but they are not just medicine. These are for HIV. One of them is used for holding HIV symptom. Probably she infected HIV. She may have AIDS."
"Really? Why did you say so?"
"I said to ask! But you did not do that!"
"I will ask my man to check nearby hospital from her house. Maybe we can found something from doctor and her chart"
"Yes, please. I think so too."
"I'm sorry, Nancy."
"Do not mind."

When they reached the lab, George is waiting for them. Maybe he found something about this murder. Why do I think so? The answer is that every time he found something important he smiles from ear to ear. His mouth is like a crescent moon. He smiles today too.
"Hey. Nancy. Mark. How are you today?"
"I am Fine, thank you George." Nancy and Mark answer at the same time.
"Well, what you found, George?" asked Nancy.
"Wow, you have good hunch, don't you? You are right. I found something!" he smiled.
"You are kidding. You look happy. Please show us the finding soon."
"OK. Don't prod. I investigated Kate's clothes. There was very rare flower's pollen. We can't find this flower around here. We can fine them at more cold area. The main area is Canada!"
"Elle said her previous husband lives Canada now! He will become important suspect. Nancy, let's go to Canada to meet Elle's old husband."
"OK! Let's go" they start to go out.
"Don't forget souvenirs!" George said.

They reached Canada.
"Elle's old husband's name is Bob. He is a painter." Mark read out report.
"Why did they divorce?" asked Nancy.
"I don't know. But I think her illness is one of reason."
"I think so too."
His house stands end of the city. They ring the bell. From tiny house, huge body man comes out.
"Who are you? Did you want me?"
"Hello, Mr. Brown. I am a government man from FBI. The reason we visit you today is we want to ask something about your old wife Nancy and your child Kate."
"What happen to them?"
"Kate was killed someone. It is murder."
"What? Kate killed someone…Who? Who killed her? She was illness but she tried to live as long as she can."
"We investigate with all our force and we need more information. We need your help too."
"I will tell you everything I know."
"Thank you, sir. By the way, why did you divorce Elle?"
"I don't know. She wanted to divorce with me. One day her illness is founded, she depressed deeply. I said I love you forever even if you infected HIV. However she gave up everything. From that time she never smiled. And suddenly, she wants me to divorce with her so we divorced."
"How about Kate?"
"Kate? She was a good girl. Her school score was always A, and she had a many friend before she grew faster. But she never lost hope because Elle loved her. Elle is her best friend."
"Did you find something strange or changed recently?"
"Hum…maybe it doesn't have relation, my work clothes disappeared."
"OK. Well have you met Elle recently?"
"Yes, I met her 3 month before."
"Are you sure? She said no." During his question, Nancy's cell phone rang.
"Sorry. Hello? George. Now I come to old husband's house, please call me back later."
"Wait! Wait! I found one more thing. It is more important than flower."
"OK. What?"
"Paint color adhered Kate's clothes. It was drop."
"Wow, you are really genius!"
"Do you notice this time? I am genius from I was cute child. Good luck, Nancy"
"Thank you." She cut off her phone and said
"Did you meet her in the US?"
"No, we met in Canada. She came here."
"Are you sure?"
"Of course. Do you suspect me? If you so, it is wrong. I have an alibi. I went to zoo with my new girl friend and her child when Kate was killed. You can ask her and her child. I have a ticket the zoo." He said calmly.
"Why did Elle visit to you? What did she want?"
"She said that she want me to adopt Kate. I was surprised to hear that. Elle loves Kate heartily and Kate loves her also. However she said she has no time so please adopt Kate. Of course I want to adopt her but I have a new girlfriend, we will marry next month. I proposed. You know, Kate was Progeria. I am not rich so I think it difficult to adopt her."
"Thus, you rejected her offer."
"Yes, but I have no choice. I just feel sorry to Elle."
"I see. Thank you for your time. I have one more request. Can I bring your job tool for lab?"
"Yes. Take freely."
"Thanks a lot. If you found something, please call me."

In return road, Nancy tells Mark about calling from George.
"George found some paints from Kate's clothes. His job is painter so he is most likely to criminal."
"But he had an alibi. That alibi is correct. He went to zoo with him new wife and her child. In addition, there are lot types of paint so there is possibility to be different from his jobs paints and Kate's clothes."
"I agree with you. Let's investigate the tools from his house in lab."
"It is right answer."

They reach the lab. They start to compare two paints soon.
"The answer is same." George said with victorious face.
"Really? Then his alibi was lie? He is criminal."
"Stop. You have to think more deeply and calmly. I think his alibi is real. He did not lie, right? However, how about Elle? She told us she did not go Canada and have not met him after divorce. She was already told a lie. She hides something."
"You are right. She is suspicious. And we have to ask her bottles in shelf."
"Tomorrow, we are going to visit her once more."

Next day, they went to Elle's house.
"Good morning, Mrs. Parker. Today we are going to ask you some question and please do not tell a lie. First, what are these bottles in shelf? I think it is medicine. What dose it for?"
"Bottles? These are medicine, you are right. It hold HIV virus. I mean, I am ALDS. Before I said, When I was young, I went to night club every night and one day I raped some boys. Then one of them was AIDS so I infected that time. I was stupid. I had to cherish myself and my youth. I really regret now."
"I am sorry to hear that. How many types of medicine did you tried?"
"How do you know that?"
"I checked your chart. You had a difficult time to find fitting medicine so you tried many types of medicine, right?"
"You are worthy to be FBI. Yes, I spent long hard time to find my medicine. Finally, I found them but I lost my daughter. That is a bit much." She cried.
"Elle, did you tell a lie to us the other day? You met your old husband recently and you asked him to adopt Kate."
"Yes, her cure needs much money and my cure are also need much money. Of course, I am not rich so I have to work harder. In addition, I am not young and patient so I thought her care will be too hard for me. I thought it is better to leave with Bob."
"I see. Now how is your condition?"
"It became much better. Thank you."

In the car, she remembers Elle and Mark Conversation. She feels something strange in her words. When they reached the lab, George was waiting for her with smile again.
"Hello. Hi George, how are you? Did you find something again?"
"Hello Nancy, I am in top shape. I read your reports about today. Then I found new thing! I checked her hair again. You may be surprised. In her hair, there was some white powder. It is used for curing HIV virus. And Elle used it now. Do you know what I mean?"
"You mean she is Kate's mother?" Mark can't understand.
"You keep silent, Mark."
"I understood! Wow! You got it! The criminal is Elle. She said Kate disappeared three days ago she found. However, in Kate's hair there is medicine she uses now. According to her chart, she changed her medicine two days ago Kate found. It means Elle contacted Kate after Kate disappeared. She killed Kate."
"You got it!! Let's go to meet Elle soon!"

"Hello. Mrs. Packer we found criminal of this murder" said Mark seriously.
"Really? Who?!"
"It is you."
"What? You are kidding."
"Not kidding. You killed you daughter."
"Why? I don't have reason to kill her. She is my daughter!"
"Yes. This was very tough choice for you. You are AIDS, right?"
"I said before! I am AIDS but I think It doesn't have relation to this incident."
"I thought so too. However you changed your medicine lately. When?"
"I don't know. I don't remember it."
"It was just two days ago Kate found but you said Kate disappeared 3 days before she found."
"Just I made a mistake. I was very confused."
"No. I was not mistake. We found some powder from Kate's clothes. It was medicine for HIV and you use this type medicine now. Do you know what it means? It means you met Kate during she disappeared. This is the conclusion from our investigation."
Elle keeps silent. One moment, she starts to speak with small voice.
"My illness was so bad before I used this medicine. My doctor has said I was going to be died. I thought so too because every house work became hard for me and sometime I could not get up in the morning so I must be absent my work. Kate's care was hard for me too so I decided to kill her. If I died, what happen to her? She dose not have any other family. In addition she can not find foster parents because of her illness. I had no choice but..."
"The new medicine was effective for you. Ironically, you became fine. You were going to be died with her but you could not be died. I feel sorry for you." Nancy said sadly.
"Yes. I survived. I hate me I tried to kill my self but I couldn't." she cried.

"It was very sad story." said Nancy.
"Yes, but this is our job."
At that time Nancy's cell phone ringed again....

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