Not only you

by Masahiro Takaki

The power of love is the interesting thing.
It makes you tough, but blind.
If you love someone, that's great.
Love is necessary to live.
But do not misunderstand the meaning of your feeling.
Keep one thing in mind.
You don't need to do everything your partner wants you to.

I had a good constitution.
I used to run in woods,
And I stood there when I was tired.
So I was often bitten by mosquitoes.
But I wasn't caring a hoot about it.
I was strong. ---------------------------------------------------------------------"Yes, I was."
I thought nothing will happen to me.

I roamed through my home town.
I think I roamed, but my legs seemed to head toward a pub without thinking.
I met a man there.
We talked and drank a lot. --------------------------------------------------"Don't drink!"
He looked so sad.
I didn't know why, but I couldn't let him alone. ---------------------- "Leave him alone!"
Now I come to think of it, this time was the beginning of my hard life.
It was midnight when I noticed that I was in his room.
I got physically involved with him. ------------------------------------- "Please don't do it!"
I was drunk.

The power of drink is the horrible thing.
It makes you feel strong, but thoughtless.
If you drink a little, you'll enjoy the time.
But there is one thing to keep in mind.
After you drink too much, you may regret.
But it will be too late.

A few months later, I met the man again.
He was with his friend. ------------------------------- "Shouldn't we have happened to meet?"
As we talked, I fell in love with his friend.
6 years later, we married and had a baby.
But something bad happened to the man.
It was deeply related to me.
Not only me, but also to my husband and baby. ------------- "If we didn't get married......"
I told my husband about it though it might cause the end of our relationship.
But he swore to be with me.
And he told me that there is one thing we can do. ---------"Hope of life revived in me!"

The power of one is not so strong.
It makes you free, but feels empty.
Being alone is sometimes necessary.
But there is one thing you should know.
The existence of a partner will make your feeling bright.

The only thing we could do was to prevent baby from infection.
2 years later, a doctor told us that our baby is safe. --------- "I appreciate your help, God!"
As time went by, my husband and I became weak.
We had to leave this world. ------------------- "I am so sorry, baby. Please forgive me."

The baby is safe now, but very hard life is waiting him.

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