Inside Jack

by Second Norio

When, how, where I was born?
Why I have so harmful ability?
Attacking human's cell is my ability.
I can't help breaking human's body.
I just want to do it. It is not fun, but I just want to do it.
Now I am in Jack's body.
Jack is getting weak because of me.
I conquered 30% of Jack's cells.
I got it!
It was difficult to take control of Jack's lung.
Many coworkers in this body.
Where are they from?
Most of them couldn't remember.
Some smart viruses said they are from the U.S.
Others said they come from overseas.
I also asked them how we were born.
naturally or artificially?
No one could answer this question, so I stopped working and began thinking about our identity.
Why we exist? For what?

Hi I'm Jack. Suffering from HIV.
They are hard worker. Every day working and breaking.
But, recently they are thinking and quiet.
I got a chance to beat them. Let's put a vaccine in my body.
Maybe, it will work well and can beat viruses.

One day a virus met a vaccine and had a conversation.
Who are you?
I am a vaccine.

Why are you here?
To kill you.

Do you know the secret of virus, the secret of HIV?

Yes. You were produced in one country as a bioweapon and spread around the world. But you flourished too much.
Then I was born to decrease the number of you, virus.
Just think. You are too efficient and vicious for human.
It is a evidence that you are bioweapon.
I am sorry. Let me beat you.

Don't mind.
I am free from my worries now.
Jack will be happy.
But one revision. We are not vicious, but just programmed so.
Does the world believe what you said?

What I said is top secret.
I will delete all of you before the world know the secret of you.

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