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Project idea - Newspaper

A newspaper usually has the following sections: In groups, make your own newspaper. You may include some or all of the above sections, as well as create your own.

For example, you might want to look at actual news stories and then rewrite them in your own words.

Or, in the "Society" section, you might want to write an article about a new housing project being developed. This building project will take into consideration the needs of PWAs (people with AIDS). PWAs sometimes need special accomodations (places to live). If someone is in a wheelchair, they need doors and elevators that are wide enough for the wheelchair to pass through.

In the "Business" section, you could include an article about a company that teaches its employees about HIV/AIDS and the workplace, and has training programs to show people how to help PWAs and PWHs.

The "Sports" page could report on a baseball team that plays one game a year and donates the income to an AIDS organization.

Use your imagination. The articles are completely up to you. Use graphics and artwork. Don't forget to add puzzles, comics and advertizing to your newspaper!

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