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Project idea - Diary

Imagine you had HIV. How would this change your life and your daily routine? Keep a diary for one week.

Some points to consider:

People with HIV who are taking medicines like AZT, DDI, protease inhibitors and others must take them regularly. If the prescription (instructions on how to take the medicine) says the person must take it every 4 hours, they MUST take it every 4 hours. If not, the virus might change itself and then the medicine might not work any more. So, you would have to wake up during the night to take your medicine.

Some medicines must be taken BEFORE meals, and some AFTER meals.

Sometimes, people with HIV can't eat the same foods as people who don't have HIV. For example, raw or unpasteurized milk, cheeses such as Camembert and Brie, raw seafood and meats, raw eggs might contain bacteria and should be avoided. Some sources say that sugar, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided as they can make you lose body moisture and can cause diarrhea. How would you feel if you couldn't have sushi, coffee, or sweets any more?

Sometimes people with HIV have trouble sleeping, or sweat heavily at night and they have to change the bedsheets during the night.

You might be VERY tired all the time and need to rest more than usual. How would this affect going to work or school?

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