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Susannah, like many people her age, goes out and has fun on the weekends. After a movie, she and her friends go to the local pub in her town near London and have a few drinks. Sometimes they meet boys there.

About a month ago, Susannah met a new young man named Joel. After they had a few beers, they went home to his apartment and had sex. They didn't use a condom. Susannah never saw him again. She is worried about AIDS now, but she is afraid to have an HIV test. She hasn't told her friends because she doesn't know how they will react.

Q1: Where does Susannah live?

Q2: What does she like to do on the weekends?

Q3: Where did she meet the young man?

Q4: What problem does she have now?

Q5: How might her friends react?

** What advice can you give Susannah about having an HIV test?

** What advice can you give her about telling her friends?

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