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There are many laws in the United States that were written to help protect HIV infected individuals from discrimination both on the job and in housing, in medical and insurance coverage. One of these laws, in New York City, was that people with HIV should not have their infection recorded in any public documents. Other STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) are recorded by doctors and hospitals so that health care workers can contact sex partners of infected patients. This helps the government track how widespread the disease is, and it also helps keep the population healthy by giving the proper treatment to those who are infected.

The New York law protecting the privacy of individuals who test positive for HIV is now under question. Gail is a New York legislator who is trying to change the privacy law. She believes that it is more important for health workers to know about and get in touch with sexual partners of HIV positive people than if that information leads to discrimination in some form.

"We must control this epidemic. If we record the names of HIV positive people, and if we can persuade their sex partners to get tested, it will give us the chance to stop the spread of HIV in this country," she says.

Q1: Where does Gail live?

Q2: What laws exist in the US regarding HIV infected people?

Q3: What new law is being discussed?

Q4: Why are some people afraid of the new law?

Q5: What is Gail's opinion of the new law?

** What do you think is more important, contacting sex partners of HIV positive people or protecting their privacy?

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