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What can teachers do?

Find out if there is an organization in your area that assists HIV+ people or PWAs. How about giving an hour or two a week to help out?
Wear a red ribbon.
This symbol isn't well known yet in most of Japan. Someone may ask, "What's that?" opening the door for your response, "It shows I support those who are HIV infected or are living with AIDS. Did you know you can't get HIV from being friends with someone who has it?"
Use HIV related sentences as your examples in class:
"I thought HIV was easy to catch, but it really isn't. "If I found out that my friend was HIV+, I would still be his/her friend."
What can your students do?
  • Check newspapers for articles related to AIDS/HIV.Have them read the article and create a summary, including their reactions.
  • Imagine your best friend tells you s/he is HIV+. What can you do to help? Composition/journal entry.
  • Write letters to government officials/newspapers requesting action to be taken on issues related to AIDS/HIV.
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