This Routine

by Last Norio

Every Sunday morning, I feel bad and regret the thing.
But there's no time to consider and think of it.
I'm so busy with my homework that I forget about it.

Every Tuesday evening, I call my new boy friend.
Anyhow, every time nobody answers the phone.
I don't have friends to dump on.
Am I unattractive?

Every Wednesday night, I work for a pharmacy.
It's interesting to see people buy many kinds of drugs and condoms sometimes.
I enjoy imagining what they are going to do with them.
In front of those people, I always hmm...

Every Friday evening, I take health and physical education class.
I can't stop feeling like going out, because it's Friday, so I sleep or skip the class.

Every Saturday night, I go to some bars and drink a lot with my friends.
They love hunting guys and so do I.
Drinking a lot makes me feel better, even though I'm shy.
I feel like I am the center of the world.
I can feel all nice guys are mine and make it true.
I don't remember anything after we leave the bar.

I've done this countless times since I was in high school.
Fortunately, this routine week will never come.
Nobody can tell how horrified I was when I took Friday class seriously last week.
I went to see doctors right away.
How many boys did I sleep with?
I'm not alcoholic and I just fizz.
That's all I could tell the doctor.
Damn it! What I've done!
I got gloomy, seeing my cloudy blood.
My feeling is like cloudy water.
I was just in estrus.
When did I catch the virus?
Nobody tells.
Nobody is my real friend.
Never ever.
I just gaze at a red ribbon the doctor gave me.

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