Sarah and Billy's feeling with the five senses!

by Fumi Inoue

When Sarah was 18 years old, she visited Japan to learn Japanese food; she wanted to be a chef. She arrived in Japan after a 16- hour flight from New York. This 16 hours affected her life very much. Who could have expected what would happen on the airplane?



Sarah was 18

She was lazy but crazy about food

She had an extreme dream, which was meeting people


and learning Japanese food                                             Mmm... it sounded greedy!

She was waiting to leave the countryside near New York

The steam train was coming!                                         Chuff-chuff

                                                                                  It sounded like "Have a good trip."

could hear her heartbeat   busily                                   Tap-tap-tap

                                                                                  Just like patting her shoulders

                                                                                  Just like giving her a little push to the train


"The last stop, John F. Kennedy International Airport"


It felt like...

Weather was fair

A clear atmosphere here

A rare atmosphere here

Awesome some spheres in the airport!                         It was spot on!


It was a bit pity that she would leave here


Was she taking fright at a flight?

Don't worry!

Be merry!


At the time

Lively Billy was extremely busy                               hippety-hoppety

He was half Japanese and half American                   Orange!

A color between red and yellow


An in-flight interpreter

Cleaning the passenger cabin

Dusty and dirty cabin                                             It reminded him of his room

A chronic complaint; cough

It's no bit thing

Everybody thought so...


After 30 minutes...

She looked bored, and boarded a plane

She was a lovely lulu

He looked at the lulu


She heard...

Somebody of in the back had a hacking cough

Somebody of in the back said "lacking" "not enough"

It smelled like food

An in-flight meal arose at the moment


She noticed the existence of busy Billy                     but he has beady eyes

It made her want to talk to him

She was shy                                                           Her heart went pitter-patter

But tried to be friendly

"What is today's in-flight meal?"                             Greedy?




She realized a reality

Why he coughed in the crowded cabin                     Not just because it's dusty and dirty


He said extremely easy                                           "AIDS"

She felt like being hit by a hammer

She was greatly shocked



It sounds merely rare

However, the truth is that...

Lack awareness

Our world is not entirely fair..., yet


He was like brilliant rays of the sun


She tasted of a little world

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