by Mizuki Suzuki

Kyoko is a high school student. She always went out with her friend every day, so she did not have a lot of money. Then, she decided to try Enjo Kosai. She did it every day, so she got a lot of money.

Some day, she met a dirty man in Shibuya. She spent all night with him only for money. When she got up late, he was not here. But she found a letter on the desk.
She read it, and there is that,

"Welcome to the world of AIDS!!"

Kyoko was frozen.
Because these letters meant "It is HIV."
She was convinced that she was infected with HIV. She did not go to the hospital. She did not go to school, spent every day at home, frightened. Of course her parents worried about her very much.

But Kyoko's old friend, Takeshi, worried about her, too. Recently, they've met many times. He always heard her aguish of heart, so she was healed from only him. Then, they gradually fell in love with each other. At last, they became lovers.

Of course, Takeshi knew that Kyoko had HIV, but, he was anxious but also loved her. So much, Kyoko was painful this. In addition, her body was getting worse.
In addition, Takeshi's parents opposed their relationship, but he persuaded them with sincerity. They recognized their will. And, Kyoko's parents were relieved. Some day, she noticed suddenly that she was pregnant. She was happy and sad, because if her child were born, it may have AIDS too. She suffered, suffered, suffered...
That time, there was Takeshi next to Kyoko. He said, "Please bear my child, No! Our child. I love you, Kyoko".
Kyoko cried a lot. She decided to have the baby.

But, the rest of her life was very short. But she tried to live hard.

Eight months later, baby was born. The baby was a small, pretty girl. Kyoko worried that she may have HIV. Her baby was tested by the doctor.
Kyoko prayed for a long time in front of operating room.
A Long long time later, the nurse returned to Kyoko. She said,

"Your baby does not have HIV."

Kyoko and Takeshi felt really happy.
They promised that they would try to protect their children as long as they lived.

They named their children Yukie.
Kyoko, Takeshi and Yukie lived happily every day for a while. They went to a lot of places and made a lot of good memories. One day, when Kyoko went to the hospital, the doctor told to her,
"You have about three months to live."

She did some decision. It is making clothes for the Yukie. She made it every night. They were colorful from a large size to a small size. She put her desire for Yukie in each one and made clothes.

Someday they tried to hold their wedding ceremony as the memory of life.
After that, they went to the beach by the river. It was really cold, but Kyoko wanted to go to there. Kyoko made a picnic lunch box for Takeshi and Yukie, so they ate it at the river side. Kyoko suddenly whispered to Takeshi,

"I don't want to die yet. There is no other way. Of course I understand that this cause is just me. But... I want to live more. What should I do? Please tell me, Takeshi."

Kyoko cried.
Takeshi hugged Kyoko. He could not do any more. He cried too.

Suddenly Kyoko fell down.
Takeshi stayed beside Kyoko.

Kyoko said, "Thank you, Takeshi. I was really happy.
And, please bring her up to be a good woman.
...Good bye. I love you."

She did not move.
Takeshi screamed. "Kyo... Please, don't leave me. I need you. Oh no~~~~!!!!"

After that, Takeshi studied very hard about AIDS. He wanted to help the people who suffer from AIDS. As result, he became a doctor who specialized in AIDS. He did the research many times, at last he developed a specific medicine. People all over the world have been helped by it.

Takeshi often holds lectures about HIV.
He says, "HIV is a devil for us. We have to fight HIV."

A lot of people participate in his lectures and get the sympathy with him.

Now, Kyoko is in the heaven. She always smiles on Takeshi and Yukie from the sky.
Takeshi and Yukie have had a happy life.

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