by Inayoshi Junko

No, it's not.
The world is not equal
What are children supposed to do?
Smiling, laughing, studying, playing
They must have no difficulties of living
Big dream, big joy, big love
They must have thought they could go anywhere

Yes, they can.
They can go anywhere
Let's look up the world
There are so many countries
Holland, America, Portugal, Pakistan, Yemen
On the top of the search page
There was the name of little country
Where is that?
Article, then straggle

People don't know
Historical place of Cambodia
It's a small country
There are so many kids
They can't even study
What are they supposed to do?
Not having fun with toys
But they are treated as real cheap toys

"Yes, I know
Cambodia is not an expensive country"
Many tourists looking for its mystery of history
What are they looking at?
See the gaps between Angkor Wat and that brand new hotel
Many ten-year-old women are waiting for you
All they can do is just wait for you
They get some Riel
Is that life?

No, Cambodia is not a reasonable country
We need to consider what the real value is
Not at all
Those kids are not toys
The most important thing is to be considered as human
They must have escape from their life
But lack of human right
Because of you
They are shut in the small gap

What are children supposed to do?

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