Blood Knows Everything

by Yasuwo Yumoto

A month ago

I was sitting in front of a camera.
Everything was usual, but me.
I felt something bad is happening
But I couldn't figure out what was going on.
I felt my body is like a stone. Did I get some disease?

The news program started.
I cleared my mind of unnecessary thoughts. I was reading news.
I'm okay, I'm okay. I said it to myself.

That day's headline was about HIV.
About people who were infected by blood products. I felt sorry for them.
They were infected with HIV, even if they took care of themselves.
It's heart-wrenching when I think about patients.

I felt sorry but I think there's no relationship between me and them.
I finished work for the day. When I went back home, my wife and little child were waiting for me. They were so sweet. I had a perfect happy life.

Current day

I am now in hospital.
I caught a cold, I thought I would be well soon, but I wasn't.
I was getting worse and worse.
Yesterday, I fell over and my wife called the ambulance.
Until that moment, I thought it was just a cold. But I feel like I have a serious disease now. The doctor called my wife and took her into another room. A few minutes later, she came back and her eyes looked so red.

I heard from the doctor what is happening to my husband.
The doctor liked like he hesitated to say the truth.
But I want to know the truth. Then the doctor told me, he has HIV.
As I heard what the doctor said I couldn't understand at first.
What was he talking about? Why did my husband have HIV?
How did he get...
Tears gradually kept filling my eyes.
The doctor told me in a kind voice, your husband is lucky,
We were able to find his HIV because of a cold.
If he hadn't caught a cold, we might have missed it.
Your husband is safe so far. We can reduce his pain with medicine.

But why did my husband have HIV?
I asked again.
I'm not sure so far, but I'm sure he is infected with HIV.
There's the fact, so there must be a reason. The doctor said sharply.

I went back in front of my husband's room
But I don't know how I tell him the truth.
I think he will be disappointed.

But I should tell the truth.
We have to fight against HIV.
My husband gets better. I believe it.

I wonder why my wife's eyes are so red.
But I realized imminently she heard something bad about me.
I asked her what happened.
She hesitated a moment
But I ask again
I want to know the truth.

Then she opened her mouth. She told me I have HIV.
My mind went completely blank.

A few days later, the doctor found out infection route.
That was infected blood product.
About 10 years ago, I had terrible car accident. I lost much of blood.
The doctor used blood product, it saved me at that time.
But now
I'm dying because of that.

For 10years, HIV was hiding in my blood.
I was really disappointed.
I had no hope any more.

But my wife was not
She always cheered me up.
Even I don't any hope; she tried to keep me up.

I really appreciated her, I want to be good for her.
I tried as hard as I could.
But my body became weaker and weaker.
I was sure, I'm going to die.

So I decided to spend rest life to my wife.
I should say one word which I have never said to her.
I smiled.

2 years later, my husband passed away.
The last word he said to me was

Thank you

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