An AIDS Baby

by Rika Masuda

     I go to school every weekday. I like to study and learn. I like my classroom which is not large. I like to look up at the sky from my classroom.
     But, I don't like my teachers. I don't like my classmates.
     I only like my mommy and daddy.
     I am 13 years old, almost14, but people call me "AIDS BABY". I had though I was not a baby anymore. Why people called me "Baby"? And, what's AIDS?
     My mommy and daddy are always hearty very kind to me. But they sometimes say and do terrible things. And they often take some medicines, not some, a lot.
     I thought the reason that people didn't like me was that my parents take those medicines. I also have some medicines for my disease, I didn't know a lot about my disease and I didn't know the truth, but I didn't care. I just love my parents, but I don't like other people.
     My daddy was a little fat. When I was babe, I liked to be hugged by his warm body. Now he has become thin gradually, and he is not as warm. My mommy was so outgoing that she often took me out and played with me in a park, zoo, field, and amusement grounds. Now she is often in her bed, having a fit of coughing almost a day.
     But I never felt sad because they were always with me. I could feel their love to me.

     One day, my parents called me and they told about themselves. They told me how I should do from now. They told slowly, kindly with sadly smile.

     Now, I know why people call me "AIDS baby", and I know what AIDS is.
     I know why my parents have changed. I know they are HIV-positive. I knew these things, because I found out that I have been HIV-positive since I was born.

     But I have a future. I have dreams. I have never felt loneliness, and I won't, too, because I have people who I should love. It is my turn to hold my parents with my love.
     I don't afraid to take medicines and go to the hospitals.
     I don't afraid to be a HIV-positive.

     Just I can say that I'm not a baby. I am being an adult with hope to live.

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