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Public Service Announcements

In many countries, telelvision and radio stations broadcast short announcements about different subjects in order to educate the public. For example, one message might be 10 seconds long and say "If you drink, don't drive."

Most public service announcements on television have pictures to illustrate the message, or famous people will be speaking. When famous people talk about a social problem, many people will listen.

Why not create some PSAs in your classroom? In groups, write some announcements and record them on tape or on video. Show play them for the other groups in your class, and for other clases, too.

Here are some public service announcements that were broadcast in the U.S. for "Day of Compassion," on June 20, 1997. For the complete listing see <http://www.hsupports.org/hsupports/compassion/index.html>.

10-second spots

I'm (famous person). Outside the body, HIV is fragile. Inside it's dangerous. Don't let it in. Be smart. Get the facts. Don't get HIV.

Hi, I'm _______________ with A DAY OF COMPASSION MOMENT. Did you know that every hour of every day two people under the age of 20 become infected with HIV? And that's not funny.

AIDS doesn't just affect young people. It can affect anyone. Don't let it be you. Learn the facts. Tune in. Take action. Show compassion.

15-second spots

Message for parents

Hi, I'm _______________ with a message for parents. Did you know that every 14 months the number of HIV-infected teenagers in the United States doubles? Please talk to your teens about AIDS and HIV. They're dying to know.

Hi, I'm ___________ with A DAY OF COMPASSION MOMENT. Did you know that 15% of those infected with HIV will live 20 years or more? Your love and support can make a real difference to a person living with AIDS.

HIV and AIDS aren't going away. Two Americans under the age of twenty are infected every hour of every day. You don't have to be one of them. Tune to your favorite shows on Friday, June 20th, for the Day of Compassion. You owe it to yourself.

20-second spots

Fifteen years ago, most people thought it couldn't happen to them. Today we know better. AIDS has taken more than 320,000 lives nationwide. It could happen to someone you love. Turn on your radio or TV on June 20th and experience a Day of Compassion. It could save lives. Be aware. Be safe. Be compassionate.

I'm ___________. AIDS is not just a big city problem, it affects everyone. There are a lot of things you can do to make a difference. Learning the facts about HIV transmission and prevention means that you can protect yourself and the people you love. Together we can make a difference.


Hi, I'm _____________. And I'm __________ with A DAY OF COMPASSION MOMENT. Did you know that 1 in 4 new HIV infections occur in young people between the ages of 13-20? Please talk to your teens about HIV and AIDS. They really need to know.

Hi, I'm ______________. Do you think your kids don't need to know about AIDS and HIV? Think again. Every hour of every day in the United States two people between the ages of 13 and 20 become infected with HIV. Whose kids do think they are?

I've heard that you can get AIDS from kissing. I've heard that you can get it from the toilet seat. I've even heard that you can get it from the gym. What have you heard? Tune in on June 20th, for the Day of Compassion, and get the facts.


Hi, I'm ____________. Did you know that AIDS is the leading cause of death for all Americans between the ages of 25 and 44? If you work in an average-sized company, you are probably working with someone with HIV. Do you have enough information to be supportive? Tune in to TV or radio programming on Friday, June 20th - the Day of Compassion.

Women and HIV

While out of town on business a few years ago, I ran into an old boyfriend. I invited him to my room. One thing led to another, but it didn't lead to sex. Had I been unfaithful to my husband that night, I could have HIV now. My old boyfriend died of AIDS last year. The night we talked, he didn't even know he had it. Two out of three new cases among women are from heterosexual contact. Learn the truth about HIV transmission. Call 1-800-342-AIDS for the facts.


Hi, I'm _____________. People with AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses need our caring and support now more than ever. There are many things you can do in your community to help. Whether it's volunteering to deliver hot meals, walk the dog, or just be a buddy, you can make a difference. Call your local AIDS service organization to find out more about what you can do.

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